How to Attract an Asian Bride at AsiaMe Dating Website?

Every man on Earth knows that Asian girls are unique. It seems like they’ve come from another planet because their beauty is outstanding. Dark eyes, black hair, silky soft skin, and a tiny waist are the physical features of most Asian women. Western men go crazy about these girls, but it may be hard to make such a lady fall in love with you. The truth is that Asian women perfectly know how beautiful they are, and guys are ready to do anything for them. They’re very picky because they’re the believers who strive to find ideal men who would love and protect them from the whole world.

Asian brides are often seen as ambitious, as well as a little radical. The media, in particular, often portrays them as dangerous and even fanatical about marrying someone from another culture. In the past ten years or so, however, the attitude seems to have changed a great deal. Many Asian brides are now happy to marry white men and live their lives as a typical Western woman.

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I am from Bangkok, Thailand. After graduated from college, I have done many different works. Over the last 10 years, I have been working in a project company. I like my current job. In my spare time, I like tidying and cleaning my room, relaxing, reading, having tea or coffee. I found walking is relaxing. I enjoy living. Although I have friends, I want to find my lover. I look forward to meeting you to share our happiness and to plan our future. Please let me know about you and your wish...

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However, starting dating an Asian girl isn’t a dream anymore. You should remember that she’s like all the other women – she desires to meet a confident, respectful man who’ll make her feel she’s one in a million. So, follow these tips, and you’ll definitely turn your dream into reality and attract the most beautiful Asian brides online:

1. Create a detailed profile

Lack of profile information may be the reason why Asian girls wouldn’t start a conversation or reply to your message. By adding necessary details concerning your purpose on the dating site, physical and personal qualities, interests, lifestyle, and achievements, you’ll increase your chances of finding love online. It’s better to answer questions provided by the matchmaking services to attract the right people.

For example, you can mention that you like to travel and name the countries you visited. If the girl visited these destinations too, she’d definitely notice you. Shared interests and similar experiences may become a wonderful reason for starting a conversation.

2. Pick the right profile photo

If you want to find your soulmate through a matchmaking platform, you should start by uploading the right image. Even members who add all the necessary information fail to meet someone special online because of the pictures they choose. You should pick a photo that demonstrates the real you without filters and unnecessary objects. Another matchmaking service member should see your eyes, mouth, nose, and hair. So, it’s better to avoid uploading a photo of you wearing sunglasses or a hat.

3. Write a perfect first message

Starting a conversation can be awkward, and the need to write the first message scares many people, but you have to show confidence through your text but not self-doubt. If you don’t know how to impress an Asian girl with your message, you can view her profile and check whether you have some shared interests. Additional details about her will help you find a subject for discussion, and you’ll easily start a conversation. For example, if you read her favorite book, you can write that you liked it too. The girl will understand that you viewed her profile because you’re really interested in her. Besides, if you both like the same things, chances are that you were meant to be together.

4. Compliment her

Even though Asian girls know how beautiful they are, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to tell them that they’re gorgeous. View the lady’s photos and write that she’s the prettiest woman you’ve ever seen. It may seem to be a banal compliment, but girls love it when guys tell them such words. Besides, if you’re exchanging messages for a while, you can write something like, “I’ve been waiting all day long to talk to you.” Complimenting her personality is also a good decision. For example, if she’s volunteering at the animal shelter, you can write, “You’re so kind! It’s awesome you help animals.” The girl will realize that you’re attracted not only by her appearance but also by her individuality.

5. Get to know each other

When it comes to online dating, it’s unnecessary to rush. You can relax and take your time to develop and strengthen the connection with the girl you like. You don’t have to ask her for a date right after she replies to your first message. You should communicate for a while, ask questions, and just find out more information about each other. If you follow this recommendation, your first date won’t be awkward like it happens when people decide to meet offline.

Three blunders that make you ignored

  • Mistake #1. “Stamps”. Want to know what 279 messages a beauty receives daily? The formula of a 100% failed message: “Hello, beautiful! How are you? You look awesome. Let’s get acquainted”.
  • Mistake # 2. “Speed”. No one wants to take things too fast. With an elite girl, everyone wants to get down to business faster. Once you try to do so, you get into the ignore zone. The speed here is playing against you.
  • Mistake # 3. “You’re cute”. Beautiful girls do not reach cute guys. Beauties choose “good-bad” boys. The more cute you are, the less you are courageous and impudent, and only courageous and impudent can “besiege” a successful girl. “Cute” men are ignored.

Do you think she is spoiled by attention? Most probably – yes. Some men often pick up beauties. Others prefer to bypass the beautiful. Wise by experience seek a “golden character.” Maybe a man has not texted her for a hundred years. That’s your time. What to write in the first message? Try something extravagant, and soon you will learn how intrigue, provocation, and directive style work.

The main thing – do not rush. She should want to meet in real life eventually. Of the 279 messages, half will be “how are you doing,” and the second half – “let’s have some coffee.”

The most important thing that needs to be learned is that girls do not rush at everyone who writes messages to them. Especially when they don’t respond to trivialities such as “Hello, how are you?”, “What are you doing?” – they have dozens of such messages, and they simply go down, letting forward new ones simply because they are not interested.

How it works

To start dating on Asia Me, a potential user has to sign up and create an account. The registration form is easy and quick to fill in. It includes simple information like name and date of birth. Creating a password is required to finish the registration and start dating.

After sign-up, a customer receives a confirmation letter to their email and is asked to answer to the short questionnaire about their potential dates, e.g. education, interests, age, etc. This is to find matching profiles to one of a customer, therefore it’s important to give clear and real answers. When a list of suggested profiles is generated, a customer can start making contacts with proposed brides. 

There are different means of contacting the potential brides within AsiaMe. A customer can make regular calls, video calls, text in Live chat, and send Admirer and regular emails through the site. The calls can be of three types and a customer can choose the most optimal: 1. scheduled calls; 2. instant calls; 3. authorization calls.

The platform provides a unique service of gifts and flower delivery. By clicking on the respective section on the website, a user can order them to send to the chosen woman. 


AsiaMe targets men from the United States, Canada and European countries who wish to get acquainted with women from Asia. Men to women proportion is 10:1 thus it is beneficial to women more than men. Due to the strictly defined target audience of the site only women with Asian background can register with the platform, while men from across the globe can sign up. 


Customers of AsiaMe.Com can communicate only if they have money on their profiles. The points that are deducted from the account are called credits. One credit is worth $1.99. Take a look at the prices per service:

  • Admirer mail – reading is free of charge;
  • EMF mail – reading or sending of one mail is worth 1credit; additional credits are taken if mails contain more than one photo; virtual gift is worth 1 credit, too; 
  • Live chat is worth 0,5 credits for 5 minutes of texting;
  • Video chat is worth 1 credit for  minutes of communicating;
  • CamShare (the service of chatting with the webcam switched on) is worth 0.6 credits per minute.


The AsiaMe platform has certain rules of use and guarantees of customer protection. These customers are strongly advised to not disclose via chat or calls their financial and personal information and not send anything expensive to other customers. Actions like exchanging photos and making video or regular calls are encouraged to make sure the profiles of customers are real. In case of dissatisfaction with the quality of AsiaMe service or doubts regarding the authenticity of the profile, the customer can turn to Dispute Resolution Service and resolve the issue.


What is AsiaMe?

AsiaMe is a website for online dating with several tools that can help you get to know a woman from Asian region. This platform was launched to build a connection between Asia and other regions of the world and create long-lasting relationships among its users.

How much does AsiaMe cost?

The price for services of contact differs depending on the type of communication that a customer uses. Video chat, calls, and Live chat are paid per time spent using them. Emails within the AsiaMe platform cost per quantity of messages sent. 

Is AsiaMe legit?

Yes, the site and an app are generally safe but a customer should pay close attention to the credits system and the money on their account. Otherwise, it is easy to lose a lot of money quickly. The prices are high enough on the site to spend them without care.

Who owns AsiaMe?

Earlier there were two platforms ChnLove and iDateAsia. They merged to create AsiaMe which is now a part of Qpid Networks. Sister sites of the platform are LatamDate and CharmDate.

Does AsiaMe have a mobile app?

Yes. It is the peculiarity that makes AsiaMe stand out. Downloading is possible both from AppStore and Google Play and is free for its members. It is user-friendly with the design similar to that of the site. However, the app is available only in certain countries.  

How do I delete my AsiaMe account?

If you want to remove your account and not use it anymore, you should go to the settings tab and click on the Deactivate button. If you have any trouble doing it, you can always contact the Support Team, who can delete your profile manually. 


AsiaMe is one of the largest sites that provide an opportunity to date Asian women online and create a relationship over the web. It was launched in 1998 and since then it helped a lot of couples across the globe to meet. This website has strict rules regarding registration of women as it aims at creating the platforms for dating brides of Asian origin only. 

Another advantage of AsiaMe is a variety of means of communication available to its users. Customers can talk through instant messaging, call each other, speak face-to-face via video calls and send regular emails. Also, there is the possibility of sending virtual gifts as well as real ones to the admired women. 

The major drawback of AsiaMe is the price of the services. Unfortunately, they are too high for the ordinary person as it is seen from almost every AsiaMe review that can be found on Google (e.g. the site has 2.6 out of 5 rating on SiteJabber, with customers’ claims about the price).