Why Choose a Filipina Mail Order Brides?

The appearance of Filipino bridal bouquets is just absolutely mesmerizing. They are really putting in a lot of efforts just to lighten up their skin, especially their natural dark tan. And Filipino women are really getting really curious on how foreign men are perfectly using all means to have the perfect tan just as they want to get rid off their own natural tan. Of course, for every effort that they put on their beauty regimes, one is spared a few dollars as well. And this is one good thing about this kind of traditional Filipino wedding ritual – no expense is spared for the bride and groom.

This tradition of Filipina brides has been there since the time of the Philippines and the Spaniards discovered the Philippines as a viable location to establish permanent colonies. It was then that these Filipino women were forcibly wed to foreigners against their will and even committed several crimes just to make them leave the country. The Spaniards, on their part, used these Filipinos as useful workers in their gold mines.

All this combined with the intense heat and climate in the Philippines made the Philippines one of the most popular choice for the wives of foreign miners. Indeed, those times were very hard for these Filipina ladies because of the injustices done to them. But today, these Filipino women are now celebrating their marriage with their foreign husbands despite the hard past.

Filipino women who are marrying foreigners are not really marrying evil people. There are a lot of Filipina women who are being married to foreigners not because they intend to be terrorists or anything. The reason why these women choose to marry foreign husbands is because, in their minds, it is more practical than staying single.

Yes, the Philippine marriage culture has undergone several changes over the past decades. There have been so many changes and there have been so many reasons why these changes are happening. One of the biggest reasons why the marriage relationship between the Filipino men and women is now getting better is the presence of more foreign contractors in the country. Foreign businessmen have caused a significant change in the mentality and the priorities of Filipina wives.

The marriage culture in the Philippines is based on the value of money

Before, when a Filipino bride goes to a wedding, she usually carries a bag or purse filled with money and the few dowries that she may have. Even if her family doesn’t want her to marry a foreign man, she would because she has to make the wedding payment in advance. After all, the family would have to pay for the wedding dress, the flowers, the music, and the decorations. Most Filipinos still see this aspect of a wedding as “money and beauty”.

In the olden days, a Filipina bride was expected to be dressed in a very traditional long gown adorned with lots of jewels. Her attire included a white silk blouse and the veil which were usually handmade. Her shoes would also be handcrafted. Indeed, a Filipina bride was considered to be highly cultured especially considering the time in which times she lived.

Many Filipina brides who wear Western style clothing

However, the only thing that has changed is the mindset of Filipina women. They still adhere to the belief that their beauty is enough no matter what they wear. This means that they will not change their style no matter what their clothes are. However, if you will be asking them about their personal beliefs when it comes to wearing a Filipina wedding dress, you might be surprised to know that the answer could be different. There have been several cases wherein the Filipino brides say that their reason for wearing Western wedding dresses is because they believe that it makes them more beautiful and more feminine.

You may be asking yourself now: why should I consider marrying Filipino women?

The answer is really simple: because there are more Filipino women who are getting married every year. In the last 3 years alone, there has been a significant increase in the number of Filipino girls getting married in the United States. For a Filipina mail-order bride, marrying someone from the United States is one of the easiest ways to achieve happiness and fulfillment.